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I Love Diamonds is known for the production of exclusive designs. We make gold and diamond jewellery. We also make use of precious gemstones in our designs. Some of our collection includes pearl earrings, solitaire engagement rings, ruby pendants, multi stone necklaces and bright blue topaz bracelets.

ILD’s Divine Collection Of Simple18kt Gold Coin Gifts

I Love Diamonds created a simple 18kt gold coin collection with a religious touch because in our country God is sacrosanct. We worship them in all their forms. The simple and modest divine jewellery collection depicting various forms of god is a must have. The gold coins come etched with symbols of all religions including all gods and goddess because I Love Diamonds believe that there should be a medallion pendant for all faiths. Some of the deities on our gift a religious jewel compilation are Jesus, Allah, Ganesh and Durga Devi. The gold coins made of pure 18Kt yellow gold are ideal gifts.

Gold Gifts Meant For Religious Occasions

If you are wondering which occasions call for a religious diamond jewellery gift, rest assured there are many. The close to heart religious medallion collection from I Love Diamonds depicting Laxmi can be gift on Diwali. Our 1kt rectangular Allah coin can be gifted on Eid. The circular Jesus medallion pendant makes for perfect gift on Easter and Christmas. We give you the option to choose the shape of the gold divine coin you want to gift on an occasion. We offer both round religious gold coins and rectangular gold divine medallions. With different designs available for religion inspired gold coins, you never lack for choice.

Gold God-Inspired Gifts At All Prices By ILD

Since we offer light religious gold coins made of just 1 gram gold and also that are crafted with 5 grams of yellow gold. Our religious gift a jewel collection can range from very affordable to a higher price ranges. The dressier versions of the god-inspired gold jewellery come studded with diamond. The lower price range gifts have two round cut small diamonds while the medium ranged design of religious gold coin have about four diamonds. No matter which religious gift a jewel you buy, each is made with the same care.
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