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The practice of giving and receiving gifts can be dated by to ancient times. I Love Diamonds adds to this time-honoured tradition with our gold and diamond jewellery gift a jewel collection. Our treasures are a vast collection of accessories that suit every person under the sun.

Gold And Diamond Jewellery Gifts Formed As Playing Cards

There are some occasions that call for a truly different looking gift. The same old diamond and gold jewellery does not cut it. Similarly there are individual who appreciate only the most unique looking diamond jewels. It is for exactly such special occasions and discerning shoppers that the designers at I Love Diamonds created a gold and jewellery collection shaped as the symbols of a playing card deck. We made sure that the pure gold gift a jewel collection covered all four symbols – Club, spade, heart and diamond. The four playing card symbol 19kt golf jewellery was made with a unisex design.

18kt Gold Earrings Shaped Like Playing Card

One of the type of gold jewellery we offer as gift options are diamond earrings shaped as playing card suits. Each spade shaped earring is made of pure 18kt gold. The gold used to make the heart shaped diamond earrings weighs up to 2 grams. The various designs we offer as gifts for men and women are single diamond heart shaped gold earring to a dazzling playing card diamond suit earring that comes studded with almost sixteen flawless small, round diamonds. The small playing card studs are only 9 mm height therefore they can be worn by women of all heights.

Every Price Playing Card Symbols Etched In Gold And Diamond

If you are worried that playing card suit symbol gold earring come at a high price be at easy. To make gifting gold and diamond jewellery easy for our patrons we created an array of diamond studs shaped as card suits at every price. If you want lower range of budget, look for our single diamond spade shaped earrings. But if your wallet limit is higher, we recommend the multi diamond club shaped earring. If you want a bit of more colour, take a look at our heart suit shaped gold earring with blazing red topaz studded in them along with diamonds.
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