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I Love Diamonds has mastered the art of light weight diamond jewellery because simple diamonds are the new norms in the fashion world. Classic gold jewellery is more an expression of style and class, than an elaborate one. Urban culture loves to invest in everyday diamond jewellery and we offer it to them.

Gifting Co-Workers Gold And Diamond Jewellery

The diamond and gold jewellery business has undergone a revolution because the urban elite wish for more lightweight jewellery that are made for everyday use than ones made for heavier occasions. Similarly, when it comes to gifting jewels, the convenience of simple and elegant diamond jewellery is surpassed. It is in their design that they are always in vogue meaning a gift that can be used always. With this is mind, I Love Diamonds created an office wear gift a jewel collection that can be gifted to co-workers, colleagues, underlings and bosses. This wide range of inspirational office collection can elevate anyone’s style statement.

ILD’s Budgeted Gold Jewellery Collection For Office

Who says that gifts that glitter all the way should come attached with unattainable diamonds? When it comes to office ready diamond pendants or professional feel gold rings, I Love Diamonds office wear gift a jewel collection is not a burden on your pocket. The compilation of real gold accessory is made of affordable pieces of jewellery that will be cherished as the best gifts of life. Irrespective of age and stature of the colleague you wish to gift the bling, our diamond jewellery collection will always be a delight.

Real Diamond Jewellery Ready For Office Wear

At I Love Diamonds the latest diamond jewellery for office wear is designed to be contemporary, stylish and easy to wear. We also keep a simplified design for office wear diamond gifts, so that they are easy to maintain by busy professionals. Simple, light weight jewellery, as the office wear diamonds are designed, make for good gifting options because classic 18kt gold jewellery does not overwhelm one’s personality rather makes them look chic. The office ready diamond jewellery from ILD suits the perspectives and lifestyle preferences of men and women, making them remarkable gifts for working and office going individuals.
Office Wear
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  • Musical Maiden Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 19,061


  • Fabulous Fish Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 24,238


  • Pretty Peacock Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 22,458


  • Song of Spring Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 17,078


  • Tugging Heart Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 9,788


  • Hanging Hearts Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 8,138


  • Alpha A Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,899


  • Humble Heart Diamond Earrings

    Regular Price: 8,499


  • Dauntless Diamond Earrings

    Regular Price: 7,994


  • Curious Club Diamond Earrings

    Regular Price: 8,751


  • Splendid Spade Diamond Earrings

    Regular Price: 7,994


  • Dazzler Diamond Earrings

    Regular Price: 13,942


  • Daring Diamond Earrings

    Regular Price: 13,077


  • Cute Club Diamond Earrings

    Regular Price: 13,619


  • Sassy Spade Diamond Earrings

    Regular Price: 12,067


  • Sweet Heart Diamond Earrings

    Regular Price: 16,791



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