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We, at I Love Diamonds, know that every patron who visits our online jewellery portal is unique in their own special way. To capture this exceptional ability, we created gorgeous and exclusive diamond jewellery designs. Each piece of real gold accessory was specially designed to capture the warmth of your heart.

Some Occasions Call For Gold Lucky Charm Gifts

No matter how educated we as people be, there is a small part of us deep, deep inside that is attracted to the magic. Even though our logical mind may say there is nothing called luck, our hearts don’t believe us. It is for this reason all of us have a certain lucky charm, it may be a green jacket, a diamond ring or a thin gold pendant chain. But all of us do have a lucky charm in some form. I Love Diamonds created a lucky charm 18kt gold jewellery collection that can be gifted as a mascot of luck on some occasion like first job interview or an entrance examination.

Diamond Bracelets With Lucky Charms From ILD

Gold and diamond Lucky charms from I Love Diamonds can also be gifted when people start a new life in new place. They can be a talisman of a safe beginning. One of the most popular gifts for good fortune is a bracelet. With this in mind, we created small lucky charms that can fill well in a bracelet. Our designs range from teddy bears to symbols of religion and god. We also cover unconventional and out of the ordinary gold lucky charms.

Under Price Limit 18kt Gold Lucky Charm Jewellery

Another gift option that brings luck to wearer from I Love Diamonds are yellow gold pendants. Made of pure 18 karats, the lucky charms come studded with small round diamonds that have been painstakingly cut by our master jewellers to have flawless 4 C’s. Our lucky charm gift a jewel collection comes under every price limit. We cover diamond lucky charms and we also showcase pure gold lucky charm pendants. Our designs like the small girl gold lucky charm can be gifted to kids while the religious lucky charms can be gifted to men and women alike.
Lucky Charms
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  • Dancing Dolphin Pendant

    Regular Price: 11,007


  • Anchor-Clanker Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,713


  • Sparkling Swan Pendant

    Regular Price: 11,633


  • Merry Melody Pendant

    Regular Price: 8,314


  • Guardian Star Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,615


  • Rhythmic Rocks Pendant

    Regular Price: 8,123


  • Twinkling Teddy Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,266


  • Cute Koala Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,017


  • Huggy Bear Pendant

    Regular Price: 5,266


  • Queen's Crown Pendant

    Regular Price: 4,742


  • Happy Star Pendant

    Regular Price: 4,521


  • Wondrous Whale Pendant

    Regular Price: 8,705


  • Mischievous Mickey Pendant

    Regular Price: 7,728


  • Musical Maiden Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 18,987


  • Fabulous Fish Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 24,151


  • Song of Spring Diamond Pendant

    Regular Price: 17,024



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