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Be it a simple pendant that you want to wear to office or a flamboyant diamond necklace you want to flaunt at an occasion, I Love Diamonds is with you always. With our collection that ranges from basic and traditional to contemporary and modern, you will always find gold and diamond jewellery that fits your needs.

A Real Diamond Gift For Every Festival On The Calendar

I Love Diamonds leaves no stone unturned when it comes to gifting a jewel on any festival. Be it the celebration of Diwali where we commemorate the light over darkness or the celebration of Holi where we love the happiness of colours, we offer a gold and diamond jewel for every festival on the calendar. To make your next Diwali special gift our diamond necklace to your wife to make the day shine brighter than ever. To make your Holi even more colourful we bring you a collection of coloured precious gemstone rings and earrings.

Festive Occasions Call For Flawless Diamond And Gold Collection

When it comes to festivals we ensure that every day goes on without a glitch. We want a perfect and smooth celebration, nothing should mar them. So when it comes to gifting jewellery on Holi or Diwali or Christmas, why should that hundred percent perfection not apply? To this point I Love Diamonds’ Gift A Jewel collection made use of pure 18kt gold to make earrings, rings, pendants etc. We even used internationally certified high quality diamonds to fashion any and all pieces of jewellery. After all festivals call for beautiful and flawless diamond gifts.

ILD’s Gold Jewellery To Gift On Any Festival

In India gifting gold is not only a tradition it is a trend too. Be it a wedding or a birthday or a festival gold jewellery is an appropriate gift always. I Love Diamonds created a gold jewellery collection specifically for festivals. These gold pendants and yellow gold rings make for a perfect gift on festivals like Easter, Christmas, Pongal, Holi and Diwali. The gold we sue for our festival collection jewellery is 18 karats in purity. We have rose gold pieces of jewellery, white gold and even two tone rings and necklaces that make an ideal gift for men and women.
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  • Holy Cross Pendant

    Regular Price: 22,380


  • Christian Cross Pendant

    Regular Price: 8,379


  • Aabandh Om Pendant

    Regular Price: 36,964


  • The Om Pendant

    Regular Price: 13,369


  • Sri Balaji Pendant

    Regular Price: 11,610


  • Ik Onkaar Pendant

    Regular Price: 20,162


  • Shiva Linga Pendant

    Regular Price: 17,396


  • Om Ganesh Pendant

    Regular Price: 13,310


  • Durga Maa Pendant

    Regular Price: 9,657


  • Ekadant Vinayak Pendant

    Regular Price: 8,587


  • Radiant Om Pendant

    Regular Price: 13,936


  • Sri Govinda Pendant

    Regular Price: 16,551


  • Ganpati Om Pendant

    Regular Price: 24,948


  • The Shree Pendant

    Regular Price: 13,986


  • Om Chants Pendant

    Regular Price: 10,059


  • Jai Ganesh Pendant

    Regular Price: 15,881



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