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Pure classic diamond jewellery at a very reasonable price is now made available to you by the renowned diamond merchants I Love Diamonds. We offer a one of a kind gemstone jewellery collection in varied cuts of briolette, heart shape, round, square etc. enjoy the timeless and priceless value of diamond jewellery with us.

Gifting Crown Shaped Jewellery To Someone

There are times in life when you wish someone to know that they rule your heart. You want them to know that they are the centre of your universe. There are some occasion that call for crowning your better half with the role of a king or a queen. It is at these occasions that I Love Diamonds recommends a diamond jewellery gift in the shape of a crown. Our designers created these gold crowns with pure 18kt yellow gold. The designs available at our online shopping store are meant for both men and women.

Gemstone Tiara From ILD For Women

When it comes to women, one of the most common wishes is to own a tiara. But tiara’s make for bulky gifts that are not suitable to be worn every day. We, at I Love Diamonds, turned this unaffordable wish to a very affordable gift of diamond crown pendants. Made especially for women, these tiara shaped diamond pendant will catch your eye in the first glance. Delicately studded flawless diamonds are augmented with bright blue topaz to add just a touch of royal to the diamond crown pendant gift. We also offer a women’s crown pendant with just small round diamonds too.

Men’s Diamond Studded Crowns By ILD

Who says that crowns are just for queens? How do you make your husband, fiancé or boyfriend understand that he is the monarch of your heart? For just such special occasions I Love Diamonds recommends women world over to gift your man our diamond crown jewellery meant for kings. This majestic 18kt gold crown pendant for men has masculine design that will appeal to males. Made of pure and hallmarked yellow gold, it comes studded with less than half carat diamonds. The crown shaped diamond jewellery collection at I Love Diamonds comes attached with a very affordable price tag to make for pocket friendly gifts.
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