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I Love Diamonds uncover an extraordinary assortment of diamond jewellery. Eye catching, sumptuous, romantic are the few words that can describe our precious gemstones and diamonds collection. Made with pure white, pink or yellow 18 KT gold, these unique handcrafted pieces of jewellery are sure to astound you with their beauty.

Gifting 18kt Gold Jewellery With Bird Shapes

We rarely like to blow our own trumpet and rather prefer our customers to decide on their own. But when it comes to diamond and gold jewellery shaped in the forms of birds, the designers at I Love Diamonds truly surpassed themselves. The designs, the styles, the forms that we incorporated in our bird inspired gift a jewel collection are life like. Just a look at some off the birds we created as gold jewellery and you feel as if they are ready to fly at any moment. We recommend this winged gold jewellery collection as gift option for individuals who have the same free and fly away love for life as birds.

Gold Pendants With Every Bird Shape Possible From ILD

Gold pendants are one of the options we offer as bird shaped gifts. From flying hawks to peaceful doves we re-created a number of birds in our 18kt gold pendant gift a jewel collection. These pendants are studded with flawlessly cut diamonds that are small and round in shape. The diamonds add a shine and shimmer to the bird shaped gold pendants giving the illusion of actual wings flying. The butterfly inspired gold and diamond pendant compilation is an exclusive design that can be bought for less than five thousand rupee as gifts.

Diamond Rings Shaped As Birds From ILD

When it is a higher price range you are looking for when it comes to bird inspired gold jewellery, we recommend you our diamond ring collection shaped as butterflies and other winged animals. The gold rings in the form of birds are worth their price in gold. The bird shaped rings are made of pure 18kt yellow gold. While the gold forms the wings of the bird shape it is the diamonds that bring out the true beauty. We also use precious gemstones like Rainforest Green Topaz in our bird shaped diamond jewellery.
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