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Diamonds tell a story. When you decide to splurge on diamonds, you tell that story to the world. With I Love Diamonds we garnish your story with the best of diamonds and precious and semi-precious gemstones to paint your world red with success. Let us be part of your narrative.

Sailing Inspired Jewellery From ILD

Anchors can have a lot of meaning attached to them. The most obvious meaning is to sailors and sailing enthusiast. It is for people who love the feel of salt air in the hair, the open waters flowing smooth under their boats and the endless seas that I Love Diamonds created an anchor styled jewellery design in our gift a jewel collection. Inspired by sailing this 18kt jewellery collection makes for ideal and perfect gifts for people who love to spend time in their boats and near sea water.

Ship Anchors Made Of 18kt Gold And Diamonds

One of the designs that we offer in our anchor shaped jewellery is gold anchor with diamond rope entwined with it. The anchor is made of 18 karat yellow gold which weighs one gram. The small round diamond used to add a shine and sparkle in the anchor can be customised with their quality type. We use eight diamonds in total and all of them are less than half a carat. This classic piece of jewellery has a causal and fashionable feel to it. The design is unisex; therefore the gold anchor can be gifted to men and women alike.

Within Budget Diamond Gifts That Symbolise Attachment

Besides the obvious meaning, anchors also represent attachment. Gifting an anchor gold pendant can show that an individual is your rock. They are your hold to this world. A diamond anchor jewellery represents your love, your connection to the other person. To symbolise this addition of another important person in your life, the expert designers at I Love Diamonds created the anchor shaped diamond pendant. The collection that make for ideal gifts for him or her come at a very affordable price. We offer you your money’s worth and the best competitive pricing when it comes to 18kt gold anchor jewellery. You can gift the anchor pendant at a very reasonable cost.
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