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Symmetry is a major underlying factor of attractiveness. With this in mind, the designs in this collection were made playing with geometric patterns with sharp cuts, symmetrical patterns from nature and angled curves. I Love Diamonds, the best online retailer for quality diamond and gold jewellery presents you a unique collection that is as unique as you.
Symmetric Splendour collection To celebrate the woman who makes everything perfect
While there are many contemporary shapes and sizes, some like classic shapes such as squares and circles. Find unique jewellery in classic shapes studded with dazzling diamonds and gorgeous gemstones in all colours. Our exclusive collection is home to some of the best symmetric shapes that is for the perfectionist in you. The concentric patterns and simple shapes in layers redefine the usual diamond jewellery designs.
Make an everlasting impression with The Symmetric Splendour Diamond pendant set
For many centuries, the subject of symmetry has fascinated mathematicians, physicists, astronomers, philosophers, artists and architects. The Greeks have been obsessed with symmetry right from the beginning, and it is quite evident in their architecture. Indians, have been players in every field, symmetry being no exception. There has been an uncanny symmetry discovered in many aspects of their lives. Even today, we more than often tend to lean towards symmetry subconsciously in everything, right from planning a furniture layout to styling hair. Symmetry carries the mystery of why the mathematics behind the principle permeates all things around us or why this ever-present property is perceived as attractive to human eyes. Whatever it maybe, they sure look absolutely gorgeous in diamonds. I Love Diamonds brings you the symmetric splendour collection with perfect shapes that look stunning. Made from pure gold with diamonds and gemstones embedded in them, they are a fashion faithful statement jewellery. Their simple yet sophisticated style adds a stylish glow to any kind of outfit. Go ahead and pair them with any dress of your choice to light up your inner fashionista.
Diamond earrings in Squares and circles that make your head spin with joy
Who knew so many designs were possible with simple square and circles. Take a look at the symmetric splendour collection and watch yourself go awe in delight. Earrings, bracelets. Pendants and rings are all happening here in patterns that will make a perfectionist happy. Come lose yourself in this exotic collection and you are sure to have a hard time picking just one! With safe transactions, a dedicated customer care line, thousands of choices and free delivery, jewellery shopping online, has never been so easy and hassle-free. Ideal gifts that will be cherished for years to come, choose from the Symmetric Splendour collection to surprise your loved one. If symmetry is attractive, what would be greater than that? Symmetry in diamonds of course!
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  • Nightingale Jewel Pendant

    Regular Price: 33,181


  • Mystic Mirage Pendant

    Regular Price: 26,131


  • Twinkling Turbine Pendant

    Regular Price: 60,214


  • Bug on a Baguette Pendant

    Regular Price: 52,317


  • Lotus Pond Pendant

    Regular Price: 31,312


  • Hoopla Trick Pendant

    Regular Price: 14,881


  • Interlooped Rings Pendant

    Regular Price: 34,348


  • Rhythmic Gymnastic Pendant

    Regular Price: 53,222


  • 0.25 ct Singleton Square Diamond Pendant in Yellow Gold For Women

    Regular Price: 34,923


  • Orbital Orlaya Pendant

    Regular Price: 13,364


  • Hoop Handle Pendant

    Regular Price: 28,970


  • Butterfly Loop Pendant

    Regular Price: 26,450


  • 0.30 ct Unconditional Love Solitaire Diamond Pendant in Pink

    Regular Price: 55,821


  • Paper Clip Pendant

    Regular Price: 21,041


  • Luminate Line-up Pendant

    Regular Price: 24,247


  • 0.25 ct Radial Radiance Diamond Pendant in White Gold For Women

    Regular Price: 52,047



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