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A jewellery collection is incomplete without the classic jhumkas. This regal piece of jewellery has a lot of history that surrounds it. It can be traced way back to the age of scriptures. This classical piece of jewellery is graceful, romantic yet whimsical. Jhumkas is one of the must-have accessory for any woman.
Poetry In The Form Of diamond earrings - Jhumkas With a Trendy Twist
At I Love Diamonds, we have given our ethnic Jhumkas a contemporary twist so that you can rock them with any kind of dress. A perfect blend of traditional designs with a tinge of trendy diamonds that make you the star of any party!
Magical diamond earrings Jhumkas That Sparkle In Your Ears
There is no limit to the number of Jhumkas a woman can own. It is the most popular design for earrings in Indian culture and history because of its gorgeous and elegant look and is made in a range of colors, and a variety of intricate patterns and designs can be inculcated into the basic design making it extremely versatile. This style has its roots deep in history and epics where it began its journey as a major part of traditional temple jewellery of southern India. They originally adorned deities in temples in ancient India. Back then, they were made of pure gold and were studded with uncut diamonds, rubies and emeralds. The shape imitated the vast domes of palaces and temples that hosted deities. Transgressing history and time, this intricate making of temple jewellery evolved from a craft into a unique art form - both in terms of workmanship and design. As time went, the style was adopted by mortals and is now worn by women around the world. I Love Diamonds brings you an exquisite collection of Jhumkas designed for that fashionista in you! Studded with diamonds and made from pure gold backdrops, these Jhumkas will certainly steal your heart! Jhumkas can be traditional and trendy at the same time, mostly because of the overall style and the intricate patterns and designs that give enough scope to change and experiment. The designer has beautifully blended favorite traditional patterns of peacocks, paisleys and flowers with intricate filigree work and golden pearls.
Diamond earrings as Jhumkas For All the Joyous Occasions
The Just Jhumkas collection has its own unique range of jhumkas that are fashioned after traditional designs but have a distinct modern twist. Crafted by master craftsmen, the jhumkas have an ethnic aura about them despite being contemporary designs. Diamonds and Jhumkas are possibly the best combination you can ask for! Uniquely crafted pure gold Jhumkas with a trendy style is exactly what you will find at I Love Diamonds. We are not making it easy for you with our extraordinary collection of diamond Jhumkas. Take a pick from the wide range and don your ethnic avatar.
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  • Wedding Bells Jhumkas
  • Splendorous Majesty Jhumkas
  • Pretty Paisley Diamond Jhumkas
  • Sprouting Swirls Diamond Jhumkas
  • Yearning Majesty Diamond Jhumkas
  • Erstwhile Elegance Diamond Jhumkas
  • Longing Love Diamond Jhumkas
  • Royal Reminiscence Diamond Jhumkas
  • Red Swirl Diamond Jhumkas
  • Scarlet Desires Diamond Jhumkas
  • Sprightly Sonic Diamond Jhumkas
  • Paisley Glitz Diamond Jhumkas
  • Festive Spectacle Jhumkas
  • The Regal Euphoria Jhumkas
  • Classical Festive Paisley Jhumkas
  • Eternal Ocean Jhumkas


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