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At I Love Diamonds we firmly believe that the size of a jewel is not important. It is how one wears the jewellery that brings out the beauty. WE have a passion of creating jewel made of gold, diamond and gemstones that vary not only in size but also design.

Medallion And Coins Engraved With Zodiac Signs

Pendants made of gold coins and medallions are one of the collections that we offer at I Love Diamonds. One of the design types that we sue for coins is zodiac signs. Each I Love diamonds’ medallion is made of pure gold in 18 karats. The weight of the gold can range from less than 1 gram to about 5gms. The zodiac inspired gold coin and medallion pendants come in both round and rectangle shape. Depending upon the amount of gold used in the coin the height of it can reach up to 26 mm.

Birthday Themed Gift Of Gold Coin Pendant From ILD

Gold coin pendants printed with zodiac signs make for a perfect light gift on any birthday. These birthday themed medallions are neither too big nor too small as our website displays a complete range of price selection. From simple Capricorn solid gold coin to a more complicated gold medallion surrounded by another gold loop, pick the range that suits your gift needs. The higher range makes use of flawless diamonds in the medallion pendant. They are round in shape and less than 0.1 carat in weight. The number can vary from 4 diamonds to 8.

Every Sun Sign Printed Gold Medallions In 18KT

From Scorpio to Aries to Leos I love Diamonds has a gold medallion pendant for every sun sign. Each gold coin etched with a zodiac symbol is made of 18Kt gold. So if you are looking for a birthday gift for a January born, look no more. Our Capricorn medallion is meant for them. Worried about if our gold coin pendants will suit a boy or a girl? Stay stress free as our designs suit both. Because we care to keep your wallet happy we offer a range of gold and medallions that cost only around five thousand rupees. We also recognise that at times a more weighted gifted is needed, for these occasions we offer the gold and diamond studded coins and medallions.
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