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I Love Diamonds has been creating jewellery for years. Be it a small sized diamond pendant set in gold or a solitaire engagement ring, our jewellery is crafted to make a massive impression. With us you will not have to worry over finding the perfect, faultless diamond and gold jewellery.

Premium Gold Coin Plus Medallion Collection From ILD

When you look for jewellery, you look for something unique. You wish for an accessory that is not possessed by everyone. We at I Love Diamonds created a premium gold coin and medallion compilation that is a must have for patrons who are looking for something unique. We bode our designers to come up with a collection of premium styled gold pendants. From alphabet styled coins to two tone premium medallion to sun sign inspired coin pendant. We carry every possible premium coin and medallion possible. The premium collection of coin pendants that we offer range from less than 1gm gold to more than 4 grams of gold.

High Range Pendants Made Of Coins And Medallions

Our premium collection reaches the highest possible quality when it comes to coins and medallion. Every diamond we use is meticulously chosen and then cut into perfect flawless round shape before they are set into the medallion. Our higher range of yellow gold coins comes studded with four to eight diamonds. The evergreen combination of the gold and diamond creates for a piece of jewellery that is not only brilliant and beautiful but a wonder to wear too. Have a look at our premium gold coins and medallions that can be worn on chains to see for yourself.

Different Design Coin Pendants Made Of Top Quality Gold

At I Love Diamonds we offer different designs for coin and medallion. Each coin is made of only pure and top quality gold in 18 karats. We offer rectangle shaped coins and even circular shaped medallion pendants. The gold used to craft the coin and medallion pendants is generally yellow, though we offer pink and white gold options too. Another contemporary design we choose for our patrons was zodiac signs that range from Capricorns to Sagittarius, covering the entire calendar year. These premium rectangle medallions and circular coins hold special appeal to the younger generation as well as old.


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