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I Love Diamonds pride ourselves in providing something new to all our clients because we give you the option to customize our jewellery as per your needs. It is our long experience that has made us a pioneer in the field of jewellery for men, women and children.

Evergreen Classic Designed Medallions In 18KT Gold

I Love Diamonds created an evergreen design style for gold coins and medallion. Made of simple round gold, these medallion pendants make for a perfect light gift. We offer the classic design coin from gold that weigh almost 5 grams to medallion pendants that are just 1gm. The classic medallion is available in both round and rectangle shape. Each round gold coin pedant can be about 22 to 26 mm in height depending upon the gold weight. The solid classic gold coin is also available in a classier style where it is surrounded by another gold circle. The larger halo was added to the basic design gold coin so that diamonds could be used in the classic medallion pendant.

Coin Pendants In Simple Gold For Young Children

The classic design of gold coin pendant is best suited for young children. If you move towards the lower range of the simple round coin pendants, you will see that they are hassle free. They are light in weight with about just less than a gram of yellow gold and a small diamond studded in top centre. The basic medallion pendants can be worn everyday by even small children without the worry of it tangling in clothes or affecting the sensitive skin of the child.

ILD’s Classic Gold & Medallion Collection For Men And Women

The I Love Diamonds classic gold and medallion pendants are available in simple circular and rectangular design. They are made of pure 18KT gold. Though the gold we make use of can be yellow gold, pink gold or white gold. The designs we fashioned are such that the collection of gold medallion and coins suits men and women alike. It is this unisex design that makes gold coin and medallions ever so popular. The gold we use to create each coin or pendant is pure and certified with international authorities to guarantee you, your money’s worth.


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