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I Love Diamonds, a lightweight diamond jewellery boutique, is known for its neo-modern motif designs. A visit to our shopping site, ILoveDiamonds.com, will show you the smorgasbord of jewellery we put forward. We offer something no other store does, a brand new design for piece of accessory possible.

Basic Yellow Gold Medallion Pendants In 18KT

A basic yellow gold coin is jewellery that each and every one of us is gifted at some point of time. In Indian culture gold medallions and coins are a must have. They are quintessential. I love diamonds therefore offers our patrons 18Kt yellow gold coin pendants. Though each pendant is made of yellow gold, the designs we offer vary. We carry a collection of alphabet styled gold coin pendants. We also crafted religion inspired yellow gold medallions to even word printed coin chains like “shree” and “om”. We even have medallions with Arabic printed on them.

Unisex Designed Yellow Gold Coin Chains

Yellow gold medallion pendants are popular with men and women alike. It is in the simplicity that their trendiness lies. Because 18KT gold coin chains are well loved by both genders, I Love Diamonds created a design that was unisex. The same yellow coin can be worn around the neck by a girl or boy. The theme we used to create the motifs of the yellow gold coin or medallion is simple. God inspired coins to alphabet styles medallions each theme was custom made with our patrons in mind. The yellow gold we use is well suited to every complexion.

ILD’s Yellow Gold Coins And Medallion Within Budget

Though each coin and medallion made of yellow gold is 18KT, we offer them in different price ranges. From below ten thousand rupees to above 20000 INR, I love diamonds yellow gold medallion and coin pendants come within every budget. The lesser prices medallions are about 1 gram in gold weight while the heavier budget gold coins reach up to 5 grams in yellow gold weight. We offer two shapes at each budget – circular and rectangular yellow gold coins. The size of each medallion pendant also varies with the weight of the gold. The low budget yellow gold coins are studded with a single diamond while the high price ones with 8.
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