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Gold coins have known to be one of the best forms of investments for eons! But they are often locked up in lockers, hidden underground or kept away in heavy duty safes never to be enjoyed. Here is a collection created to change that forever! I Love Diamonds offers coins and medallions that are made into wearable pendants making for lovely adornments.
Carry Your Faith Wherever You Go With The diamond pendant designs from I Love Diamonds
For the ones who love to wear their faith around their neck, these beautiful medallions are the best. Religious motifs and Gods are carved in a 24 ct yellow gold medallion. Surrounded on the sides by diamonds, this is the perfect way to seek blessings and carry your favourite god as your lucky charm wherever you go.
Diamond Pendants With Elegant Religious Motifs In Yellow Gold
We love expressing our faith in God in many ways. How about wearing them around your neck? These medallions are perfect for awakening your spiritual side. They complement any kind of dress and lets you carry a piece of divine blessings wherever you go. The 18 KT gold and medallion collection is beautifully crafted to perfection and comes in three variations - 1gm gold, 2 gm gold and 5gm gold. The 1 gm gold coin and medallion pendants are studded with a single diamond. The 2gm gold coin and medallions pendants are studded with four diamonds and the 5gm gold coin and medallion pendants are studded with eight diamonds. The collection comes engraved in artistic designs in two variations - zodiac signs and religious symbols. The zodiac sign coins and medallions make for a perfect birthday gift that would instantly strike a chord with the receiver. The Religious Radiance Collection within this style has symbols and deities from Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism engraved in them. Each one of the designs are available in all 6 variants ( 1gm gold coin, 1gm gold medallion, 2gm gold coin, 2gm gold medallion, 5gm gold coin and 5gm gold medallion). The Religious Radiance collection make for perfect gifts during festivals, New Year celebrations, birthdays, special occasions or just about any kind of festivity or celebration. Each one of the pieces is made even more special with specific mantras or chants engraved at the back that give it the complete spiritual touch.
Wear Your Religious Faith With Pride with the diamond pendant designs
Express your religious side with our uniquely crafted religious motifs medallions. Give your religious side a contemporary twist with our exclusive collection of coins and medallions from I Love Diamonds. With a certificate of authenticity, these pieces are certainly a great investment. Gold coins themselves are considered a symbol of fortune, and when they come engraved in these beautiful designs, they are simply irresistible!


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