Top 10 Solitaire Engagement Rings Below 50k

It’s now easier to be extravagant! Ten breathtakingly beautiful solitaire diamond engagement rings to enthrall your precious beloved.

0.30 ct Femizon Queen Solitaire

As Majestic as the personality of the woman who adorns herself with it, this Fabulous Creation is a testament to the Sheer Brilliance of her Resplendent Character.

0.25 ct Alexandrina Solitaire

Behold the Gorgeous Twinkle that emanates from inside the very core of the Magnificent solitaire that adorns this dazzling diamond ring.

0.20 ct Dazzler Duet Solitaire

Serenade the love of your life with the Brilliant Dazzle of this Vivaciously Vibrant solitaire diamond engagement ring.

0.15 ct Eleanora Solitaire

Commemorate your love story, as you present this Intricately-crafted solitaire diamond engagement ring to the lovely lady destined to be yours for all eternity.

0.25 ct Venetia Solitaire

With an Alluring Glimmer that’s as Seductive as the smile that plays on your sweetheart’s lips, this Beautiful solitaire diamond ring is sure to win her heart.

0.25 ct Adriel Solitaire

Cast your spell on your lady-love with the Bewitching Sparkle of the solitaire that lays encased within this Enduring Classic.

0.30 ct Sultry Selene Solitaire

Explore the depths of the passion you share with your beloved, with this Enchanting solitaire diamond ring.

0.25 ct Aurelia Solitaire

Dedicated to the Classy woman of today, watch as this Trendy & Chic solitaire diamond ring elevates her Stylish Elegance to hitherto unexplored heights.

0.15 ct Concentric Passion Solitaire

Designed to accentuate the wearer’s inherent fashion sense, the Spectacular Glare of this solitaire diamond ring is bound to attract attention.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

0.20 ct Splendorous Scepter Solitaire

Indulge in Romantic Fantasies as you slip this Sensational Masterpiece on to the ring-finger of your future bride.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

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