Top 10 Party Wear Chandelier Earrings

Luminescent diamond chandeliers for that celebrity look! Guaranteed selfies and autographs!

Pretty Plum Diamond Earrings

As Tempting as the plum fruit, these Iridescent diamond chandeliers are most likely to make all your onlookers Drool!

Elegant Alice Diamond Earrings

Shimmering diamonds in this Intricate design with gemstones will stun everyone around you with their Brilliance.

Bowling Ball Diamond Baalis

Ravishing yet radiant, Dainty yet detailed, these diamond baalis would thrust you into the Spotlight no matter where you are.

Cherry Branch Diamond Huggies

Reminding you of pure cherries, these Lustrous diamond huggies are sure to capture the heart of the Beholder.

Lantern in the Dusk Diamond Earrings

Lovely and rare, Breath-taking and charming, these diamond-studded lanterns will Light you up with their Gleaming glow.

Pearl Square Diamond Earrings

The Captivating design and Magnificent radiance would Mesmerize all those who lay their eyes on this beauty.

Magnificent Maria Diamond Earrings

This Enchanting charm in Alluring diamonds and gemstones will sprinkle Magic into your life and make you a shining star.

Scintillant Spinel Diamond Earrings

An embodiment of Intricate design, this masterpiece is sure to make you Sparkle and Glitter in every party.

Radiant Wreath Diamond Earrings

Intricate yet Exquisite earrings made up of Dazzling diamonds to silently announce that you have Arrived.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

Marvelous Mystique Diamond Earrings

With a Bold black and Convoluted gold design these diamond studded marvels are truly One-of-a Kind.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

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