Get ready to be the cynosure of all eyes! Ten bewitchingly beautiful solitaire diamond rings that’s crafted to showcase the contemporary woman’s classy fashion sense.

0.30 ct Bihotza Solitaire

Encompassing a Beguiling Twinkle that mirrors the Vivacious Attitude of the wearer, this Exquisite solitaire diamond ring is sure to win over lots of admirers.

0.15 ct Eleanora Solitaire

This Majestic solitaire diamond ring has been designed to reflect the innermost passions of the Bold & Beautiful women of today.

0.25 ct Glister Glaucia Solitaire

Enjoy the Sparkle Of Swirls, as you gracefully flaunt this Gorgeous solitaire while it coyly encircles your finger.

0.30 ct Luminous Linda

Incorporating an Extraordinary Design, this splendid solitaire diamond ring is sure to mesmerize you with its Tantalizing Twists.

0.50 ct Sophia Solitaire

Exude confidence and style with this Unique solitaire diamond ring, that is sure to amaze onlookers with its Fiery Brilliance.

0.30 ct Reina Radiance Solitaire

Find yourself enraptured by this Enticingly Exotic solitaire diamond ring, that’s encased in a lustre that is simply Bedazzling.

0.30 ct Alluring Akis Solitaire

Revel in the Opulent Splendour of this superbly crafted diamond ring, designed for the woman with an inherent sense of Elegance & Style.

0.30 ct Ophelia Solitaire

Discover the vitality of the Feminine Spirit, as you bask in the Glittering Glow that emanates from the heart of this Fabulous solitaire.

0.25 ct Giovanna Solitaire

Adorn your finger with a Glitzy Masterpiece, that’s designed to accentuate the Sensuous Appeal of the wearer.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

0.70 ct Jophiel Solitaire

As Enchanting as the lucky lady who chooses it, this Trendsetting Design is sure to heighten her Charismatic nature.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

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