Top 10 Trendy And Modish Diamond Earrings For Kids

When it comes to diamond jewellery for kids the setting is crucial. Children lead an active life and many diamond settings are not suitable for them. With this in minds, we bring you the top 10 funky, trendy and kid-safe diamond earrings that are perfect for every child!

Light Hearted Diamond Earrings

A little bit Love, a little bit of Sparkle and a little of bit rosy hue is all you need to gift your little girl. This Heart-Shaped stud is perfect for every young lass.

Floral Dip Diamond Earrings

Tiny flower as Delicate and as Mighty as your petite darling. These Versatile studs add a charm and Cuteness to every outfit!

Humble Hearts Diamond Earrings

There is no better way to show Love, Compassion and Care than a pair of heart-shaped studs to your Daughter. Fit for every occasion!

Coy Crescent Diamond Earrings

The moon, the stars, the whole world laid down on those petite feet for her to conquer. These Classic, Charming and pretty studs are worth her!

Alluring Angels Diamond Earrings

Appeal to the Fun-Loving and Jovial nature of your kid with these funky studs that add just the right amount of Glitter and Fairy Light to their tiny ears.

Twinkle Little Stars Diamond Earrings

A Favourite rhyme brought on to life for her very first diamond. Let her shine Bright like a star and Magnetise hearts right, left and centre with these Cute studs!

Diamond Deck Diamond Earrings

Small, Unique and Comfortable to wear – the ideal choice for little ones. A Trendy, Hip and ever loved design in earrings for kids!

Precious Heart Diamond Earrings

For days that call for something Extra and something Special gift your darling girl a little Splash Of Colour. Create memories with Loving gemstone studs for children!

Glistening Grace Diamond Earrings

A Pretty beauty that Outshines the sun for a sweet, fun-loving and ever Sporty girl. Gift a simply Stunning daily wear stud to your little Miss.

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Sparkling Celandine Diamond Earrings

Nothing Sparkles and shines brighter than a happy kid. Light Up their world with Dapper, Swanky and chic everyday kid’s earrings.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

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