Top 10 Diamond Earrings For Gifting Below 20k

Select. Buy. Gift. Smile! Ten captivating diamond earrings that will redefine the idea of gifting!

Coquettish Comma Diamond Earrings

Gorgeous as they are, these Lovely comma diamond dazzlers are perfect gifts to Celebrate your relationship with someone special.

Glistening Grace Diamond Earrings

An ideal gift for any woman, this Shimmery super ellipse with Captivating diamonds is sure to Surprise your loved one.

Cheerful Chelsea Diamond Earrings

Make anyone feel Special; gift them these Elegant diamond earrings to see the Iridescent glow in their eyes.

Green Flower Drop Diamond Earrings

Glittering green with snowy drop diamond earrings, Present them to your girl and see them Twinkle like the stars in happiness.

Luminous Labyrinth Diamond Earrings

Want to gift a smile? Exquisitely designed charms that Captivate the attention of the beholder, Guaranteed smiling face.

Moon and Stars Diamond Earrings

Descendent of the Captivating crescent, this Stunning diamond earring promises a Glistening life for the receiver.

Paper Plane Diamond Earrings

Zoom into the heart of the person by gifting them this Radiant paper plane that will Glitter and make them shine.

Princess Ameerah Diamond Earrings

With its Aura of radiance, these Glistening earrings will transfer your loved one into an Enchanted princess.

Admirable Anthea Diamond Earrings

As Admirable as they are, these Ravishing star-flower earrings are guaranteed to Capture the attention of the recipient.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

Blooming White Lily Diamond Earrings

Lillies are a woman’s best friend; these Charming yet delicate masterpieces will make a magnificent Glittering Gift.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

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