Top 10 Diamond Earrings Below 30K

Admire It! Wear It! Flaunt It! Ten low cost yet breath-taking diamond earrings that will add charm & cheer to your persona!

Sparkling Snowman Diamond Huggies

Truly ear-rings, with their exquisite style, these delicate huggies can make every woman’s diamond dreams come true!

Cute Chrysanthemum Diamond Earrings

Picturesque as they are, take a spin at this magnificent wheel of fortune, you are sure to land on your lucky side.

Spiral Suzette Diamond Earrings

Stunning diamonds in the spiral setting make you swirl over and fall in love with these delicate darlings.

Purple Squiggle Diamond Earrings

An elegant design with an intricate pattern studded with scintillating diamonds dedicated for you, the most precious gem on earth.

Power of a Seed Diamond Earrings

These radiant wonders remind of the evolution, every seed has its tree and every tree its seed in an intricate design that captures the eye.

Twisted Duo Diamond Earrings

Glistening diamonds in these pink gold earrings will feed your feminine ego when you walk around sporting them.

Svelte Embrace Diamond Earrings

These glittering diamond earrings will embrace your ear perfectly, making you drown in the pompous effects of stardom.

Alluring Angles Diamond Earrings

Simple yet detailed to perfection, dainty yet glowing, adorn this sparkling earring and twinkle like a star in the night sky.

Tropical Treasure Diamond Earrings

Unlock the secret to this titanic treasure; iridescent as you are, these diamond earrings add value to any style of yours.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

Golden Globe Diamond Earrings

Shiny and attractive, classic and sturdy, wear these luminescent diamond earrings for that festive and elegant look.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

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