Top 10 Diamond Studs – The Sparkling Sensations

You need a Little Extra to make the Ordinary Extra-Ordinary! This is exactly what the Top 10 Diamond Studs from ILD gives you! Join the League of the Extraordinary!

Fair and Square Diamond Earrings

A Buffed Lustre beckons the Bold & Beautiful woman as she mesmerizes her onlookers with this pair of beauties that maketh to the top 10 list of best sellers.

Ageless Moon Diamond Earrings

Fashioned in cool 18KT white gold, a composite of Shimmering diamonds wrapped together for a Tranquil effect, goes well with both jeans & formal wear.

Patro Solitaire Earrings

Update your look with the Glimmer of this pair of Easy Elegance that gives you the feel of the solitaire yet pocket-friendly.

0.25 ct Pear Solitaire Earrings

Dainty and Sporty, this contoured design holds Pear shaped Sparkling Solitaires in its midst. Perfect for the Modern & Assertive woman.

White and Sparkle Earrings

Light and Chic, these diamond studs offer a great look for any casual attire. This symmetrical Spectacle, hence has made it to the list of best buys.

Endearing Queen Earrings

Gleaming & Sparkling diamond accents add a touch of elegance to the Diva. This Timeless design in warm yellow gold creates an Aura of Authority.

Mystic Mirage Earrings

The Mystic Mirage is for women who dream big, work hard, and always look Fabulous. This Charismatic Enigma of this pair echoes her persona.

Cute Coil Earrings

Symbolising the Pretty and Peppy woman, the Cute Coil Earrings throws in a good measure of her happy-go-lucky nature as well.

Lustrous Lylah Earrings

Typical of the Passionate woman who recreates fantasies, the Lustrous Lylah epitomises the unspoken Adoration that lies within.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

Diamond Deck Earrings

Simplistic & Stylish for the Ultra-Modern woman, who loves to keep it short & sweet. The Diamond Deck, one of the most in-demand amongst the Top 10 Studs.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

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