Top 10 Daily Wear Diamond Earrings Just For You

Daily wear is always about being Simple, Classic & Elegant! Be it for a casual chit-chat with friends or the usual meetings at work, these Top 10 Daily Wear Diamond Earrings are just the thing for you!

Admirable Anthea Earrings

A subtle Sparkle is what you need to add a little extra to an otherwise ordinary day! This Sophisticated Splash of preciousness is the perfect daily wear you are looking for.

Magnificent Skyscrapers Earrings

The Hi-Style skyscraper doppelgangers add extra Gleam & Glow that enhances the looks of the wearer. Be it a smart suit or a casual tee, it blends perfectly.

Crimson Flame Earrings

Flaunt your Fiery side with this Dazzling daily wear, an adept choice for the confident, Modern lady of Class who has a never say die spirit.

Delta Diamond Earrings

Shimmering Sophistication combines with Ultra-Chic Glamour to make an exclusive fashion statement. Smart & classic, this daily wear oozes class.

Parisan Solitaire Earrings

Basking in Luxurious Radiance, these stunning clusters of diamonds offers more than what meets the eye. The ideal choice of daily wear for the Charismatic woman.

Light Luminita Earrings

Delve into this pear cut Floral Splendour, an apt choice of daily wear. Fits both the Classical and Contemporary woman alike.

Hoop Handle Earrings

The Hoop Handle can be quite a Treat to the beholder. This Indescribable Glistening pair makes a Trendy daily wear.

Twined Loop Earrings

Best-suited for the Fun & Quirky woman, the Twined Loop is an Urbane choice of daily wear diamonds. It is Elegant and Unique.

Diamond Laurel Earrings

One of the best daily-wear accessories, the Diamond Laurel Earrings complements any outfit. Best suited for the Sublime yet Subtle woman.

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

Lola Light Earrings

Ideal for the Shy woman, this daily wear brings forth her nature. The Twinkling diamonds depicts her Warmth while the floral design her Charisma!

** Prices May Vary According to Daily Gold Rates

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