Key Features : Standardisation-Efficiency-Technology

iLoveDiamonds is a Digital Concept designed for those retailers who understand that the precious jewellery segment has to significantly be Presented & Experienced with adjectives like Premium, Standardisation, Perfection, World-Class, Scintillating, Brilliant, Glamorous etc. All in all, the Experience that Your Brand gives a consumer, must be WOW.
The large National Brands have become a Goliath. All family-run, single city retailers & regional corporates have to match up with the Brand-Image & Marketing Strategies benchmarked by these large brands, whether Offline or Online, both.
“No one can Whistle a Symphony. It takes a Whole Orchestra to Play it “
– Luccock
We welcome those retailers, who are in sync with our observations & who really strive to be the best. Our Products & Services are ready with the Lightweight & Lifestyle Diamond Jewellery segments (below 3cts), and will extend to Bridals, Giftable range for Gold & Diamond Jewellery.
“Individually we are One Drop,Together, we are an Ocean”
– R.Satoro

iLoveDiamonds is a Hybrid O2O Aggregator Providing Integrated End-to-End Product-Marketing-Digital Services.

4 Core Advantages of the Program
1. Certified Products:
We have integrated Two Manufacturing units & a great Design Development team for you, with our key focus being:
  1. Supply products at highly Competitive Prices
  2. Product Design/ Concepts/ Collections to be relevant & appealing to the Young-New Age Buyers
  3. Maintain High Quality Standards across Physical Inventory and Digital Cataloguing
2. A World-Class Marketing Kit:
  1. Get High Quality visuals & creatives with every product you buy at iLoveDiamonds.
  2. An Amazing Video ad with each concept or collection purchased
  3. Get access to a library of beautiful model images to enhance your Outdoor, Digital & Instore brand image
3. State-of-the-Art Digital & Tech Platforms
  1. An amazing & unique UI-UX for your brand’s dedicated webpage on iLoveDiamonds.
  2. A Tested Strategy for executing your Social Media Marketing
  3. A Dedicated Analytics page that tracks the behaviour, engagement of consumers to your brand’s communication online & collects digital footprints of high interest prospects
  4. A Data Mining & Analytic Studio that helps to bring high efficiency to your investments on Digital Media
4. Costs & Time Efficiency
  1. From Day 1, your business saves on Capital Investment of your digital formats
  2. There is a huge recurring Monthly Savings on cost of resources, agency, maintenance & development costs
  3. We become your Personal Digital Partner. Plug & play your brand within 48 hours and save your time in getting E-ready
8 Marketing & Digital Services every Retail Partner gets access to with our Program
As your Personal Marketing & Digital Partner, we take pride as the only B2B company that services every retailer with the following 8 new-age services.
All services are integrated into our jewellery pricing and are designed to save you a minimum of INR 50K to 75K per month on your marketing expenses.
1. Social Media Ad Management
We use Geo-Fencing tools to identify relevant/potential consumers & assist you in presenting them with new arrivals & promotions.
2.   Dedicated Analytics Page
Digital Marketing without Analytical Insights is a waste of time. We measure & track your performances on Digital Ads. We follow the process of Data Mining – Data Insights & Actionable Plan.
3. Product Photography
For every jewellery purchased at ilovediamonds, you get a High-Quality Product Image with your Brand Logo. These creatives are designed for usage across all Digital Formats saving you considerable time & money.
4. Dedicated Brand Omni-Channel Page
Your Brand gets a feature-rich dedicated webpage. With patrons & new potential buyers becoming more impulsive than ever, attract them by listing & promotingnall “Ready for Delivery” products purchased from ilovediamonds. You can also attract consumers with the available 4000+ designs, as “made to order”. Customer is King; Pamper them with choices.
5.  Google Search
Consumers spend a lot of time on their mobile phones and it is important that they get to see your Brand & Products instantly. It is very competitive, should you want your website to be listed on the first page organically. We provide consultancy for designing your website, for a nominal price. You get a free backlink from to your site, which will help improve your SEO rankings.
6.  Videos
Not only are videos attractive they also bring efficiency in costs per click digitally. Furthermore, they convey the product story more interactively which is difficult to achieve with a banner image.The Videos we design, make the consumers go WOW.
7. Model Artworks
You get access to our library of High Resolution & Proprietary Model images. Use them for Outdoor media & Instore creatives. Impress your customers with nothing short of the best.
8.  Theatre / Outdoor Ads
We design high-resolution videos, for any  collection/concept that has been purchased with ilovediamonds. Keep updating your theatre ads with newer videos, for just a fraction of cost. Take your Brand image a notch higher with our Hi-Res videos.
Why choose ilovediamonds?
  1. We help retailers to elevate their brand image to the likes of a Large Organised Retailer. We provide a platform where every retailer can match up their brand presence to that of National Brands
  2. We are currently, the only Integrated Product & Service Providers in the industry.
  3. iLoveDiamonds is the First B2B company to provide a Premium & Personal Marketing & Digital Services for Retailers.
  4. Over the period of 3 years, we have invested extensively in the R&D of the entire business process, so that you get to experience a truly World Class Product & Service.
  5. We are a formidable team of Domain Experts with decades of experience, who came together to create the best-in-class services and spearhead a Digital Revolution in our Industry.
We have successfully piloted this model across Chennai, Bhopal, Varanasi, Lucknow, Bangalore, Kanpur, Nagpur, Satara, Ahmednagar, a couple more Indian Cities & International Markets. Our team looks forward to connecting with you.

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a.In the current Digital Revolution, we are providing Integrated End-to-End Product + Marketing + Digital services to retailers who want to be E-ready and want their brand to be relevant with the new age customers.
a. Product – High quality products manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing units – designed by design & development experts at COMPETITIVE PRICES.
b. Marketing – Data driven marketing kit which includes highest quality of product photography & videos along with Analytical insights – A WORLD CLASS EXPERIENCE
c. Digital Services – Dedicated Brand Webpage along with PILOTED STRATEGY that can improvise your presence in the Digital World.
a. Digital Presence – You get to take your business Digital within no time
b. Reduced Marketing Costs – All our marketing services are included in the jewellery pricing & are designed to save you a minimum of INR 50K to 75K a month
c. No Capital Investment – Get rid of costs involved to develop a website, maintaining the website etc.
d. Get a mix of quality products & quality marketing services at the most competitive prices
a. Upon signing up,once you provide all relevant information regarding your brand,your web page can be setup within 48 hours.
  1. Your Registration
  2. Your Store pictures
  3. Contact details for notifications
a. No, we do not charge any setup fees.
a. No, our association with our partners is purely based on the services that are listed. We do not charge any maintenance charges.
a. No, ILD offers an integrated product & marketing service. The selections made by you will be listed on your dedicated webpage. Standardization in products and consistency in high quality images is necessary to maintain the premium image attached to a brand, which today attracts the consumers.
a. No, all services are included in the price of the jewellery
a. No, you as a retailer will enjoy all the margins
a. No, we are not wholesalers. Our prices are including the marketing services. In Retail Marketing- More is Less.
a. No, we follow an integrated mix of both products & digital marketing services.
a. Reach out to us at 97394-55000 or by emailing us at & our team will reach out to you with all additional information.
a. Yes, we sell only certified natural diamonds.
a. We currently work with 4 qualities
  1. VVS-EF
  2. VVS-VS-GH
  3. VS-SI-GH
  4. SI-GH
a. Yes, subjective to discretion of the management.
a. Yes, all our diamond jewellery is certified by 3rd party international laboratory. We currently work with IGI & SGL.
a. Yes, we run all ads on your behalf on various social media platforms.
a. No, that will be handled at your end.
a. No, however the amount spent on the media will be charged to you with applicable taxes based on budgets decided as mutually agreed upon. ILD will bear certain portion of media spends, which will be mentioned in the proposal.
a. This will be shared in the proposal document.
a. Yes, we ship products directly to customers across India if the order is placed online as a prepaid or cash on delivery order.
a. Yes, no orders from ILD gets fulfilled by surpassing a retailer in a respective city. A customer cannot proceed with an order without selecting a retailer in a city as a “Future Service Partner”. You will get an auto generated notification if you are selected as a service partner & margins will be paid out accordingly after the 30 day return policy gets completed.
a. As a Future Service Partner – you will be expected to service the clients for products they purchase from ilovediamonds which could include but not limited to repairs, polishing etc.

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